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Gemini Journey

Gemini Journey is a starry-eyed Atlantean determined to start a new life full of adventures, but isn’t ready for the realities of day-to-day life. Her immaturity and devil-may-care attitude lands her in a lot of trouble as she struggles to make it on her own.

Veil Taffeta

Veil Taffeta is an uptight bibliophile who stresses to keep Gemini out of trouble, but usually makes her problems worse.


??? is Gemini’s overprotective adoptive mother, who takes the form of a cat. She would rather have Gemini back home with her than living her own life.

First Appearance:
Here There Be Dragons: Page 7


??? is an awkward siren barista in Veil and Gemini’s favorite coffee shop. What she lacks in people skills, she plans to make up with her budding powers of persuasion.

First Appearance:
Here There Be Dragons: Page 1

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