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Gemini Journey 2K Giveaway

Rules, Terms, And Conditions:

By participating in the raffle you concede that you agree and understand to the Terms and Conditions that follow.

What You Get:

ONE (1) free digital drawing in Gemini Journey style by creators Tracy MacLauchlan and Yesenia Carrero of up to two (2) “characters”, where “characters” can mean you, a friend, a pet, or an original character of your choice, to be delivered to winner digitally through e-mail and/or social media.

How to Enter:

Tell us a favorite moment of yours from Gemini Journey through Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr post using the hashtag #GeminiJourney2k by midnight EST May 1st, 2019


1. Only ONE entry per person per social media platform for a maximum of three entries.

2. Entries that do not include required disclosures or hashtags for any reason will not be eligible and be disqualified.

3. Bulk, automated, and/or third party entries are prohibited and will be disqualified.

4. Gemini Journey creators Yesenia Carrero and Tracy MacLauchlan reserve the right, for any reason, to disqualify an entrant or a winner. Some reasons include but are not limited to: cheating, uncomfortable or hostile behavior, unreasonable request, etc.

5. Winner will be contacted through the social media profile which their winning post comes from, entrants must make sure their DMs are open or be disqualified upon rejection of DM.

6. If an entrant does not reply to a winning notification within 72 hours they will be disqualified and another winner will be drawn.

7. Winning entrant gets ONE (1) digital image of up to TWO (2) characters interacting with no or solid colored background. PG-13 subject matter at most, no gore, violence, sex, or other explicit or hateful material. Creators Tracy MacLauchlan and Yesenia Carrero reserve the right to deny winner’s request for any reasons.

8. Winner is allowed to use the final prize image for their personal use only, such as: personal desktop wallpaper, personal mug, personal T-shirt, profile image, profile icon, etc. and are not allowed to redistribute or sell the final artwork in any form.

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